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The process

The passion and dedication for their job, combined with the continuous search for full satisfaction of their customers, have pushed S.C.C. towards continuous investments in latest generation specific 3D design machinery and software.

We have FICEP systems for cutting, marking, drilling and / or punching angular, boxed and beams;

With the help of these technologies and together with constant production planning we can also provide complete third party services for locksmiths, carpenters, metalworking companies and other industries not equipped for this type of processing.

All our products are CE marked according to the specifications dictated by EN 1090-1. The CE marking, in addition to being an indispensable requirement necessary for the free movement of products in the European Union, is at the same time a guarantee that the details made can be incorporated into the final civil constructions;

Without it, it would not be possible to test the prefabricated structure installed on site;

All our supplies are also accompanied by the Declaration of Performance (DoP) and by all the traceability and quality certifications of the materials used;

Thanks to our internal engineering office, we are able to import NC files from the design software directly to our processing plants, thus eliminating the possibility of human error during the long manual transcription phase of the work to be carried out on the plant.

Our main plants are:

  • Fully automatic FICEP ENDEAVOR line for cutting, drilling, marking, milling, notching beams-angles-U-plates-boxed (one of the very few latest generation systems present in Italy for this type of processing).
  • Fully automatic FICEP HP 16 T6 line for corner cutting, punching and marking.
  • PROMOTEC 2500 x 16000 mm system for plasma sheet cutting (HYPERTHERM 260) or oxyfuel cutting and drilling with high speed drills up to 32 mm and threading up to M20.
  • Fully automatic system combined with IMAC beams-angles-plates cutting and punching up to HEA 800.
  • IMAC automatic plant for drilling omega purlins.
  • Various shears and benders to be completely independent even in the finishing sheet metal work of our works.
  • 06 Bridge cranes with 5-10 Ton capacity with single or double winch-hoist
  • Semiautomatic crimping system on movable bench.
  • 10 forklift trucks up to 70 tons.
  • 04 FICEP-OMERA implants for corner-plate notching and punching.
  • 01 calender with three horizontal rollers.