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Benefits of Steel

Steel satisfies the most varied technical, structural and aesthetic requirements, whilst leaving designers absolute freedom. It also enables integrating the structures harmoniously with any other construction material: brick, glass, wood, etc.

Structures built of hot dip galvanised steel do not require any type of maintenance and have a notably longer lifespan compared to those made of other construction materials.

The fact that this material is extremely resistant makes it possible to create very solid structures that have substantially reduced weight. This is why in general, metallic structures require foundation work, and as a consequence, less land movement and costs that are almost negligible compared to constructions made of other building materials.

Structural steelwork is fabricated in the workshop in pieces sized to be transported easily by standard vehicles. Since the material is lightweight, large quantities of the plant’s square metres can be transported in a minimal amount of loads. These factors reduce the costs of transport drastically with respect to any other construction material.

The structures are bolt assembled on site, leaving open the possibility to modify or expand in the future without incurring significant costs and with very little structural clutter.

Resistance to earthquakes and explosions
Steel structures have a high degree of pliancy and unlike other construction materials, they are able to tolerate major deformation without jeopardising the integrity of the structure.

With bolt assembly, each structure can easily be disassembled and reassembled in another location at a very moderate cost.

Steel can be recycled a number of times, which translates into a consistent monetary value and an excellent way to protect the environment.