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Benefits of Steel


Steel satisfies the most varied structural and aesthetic technical requirements, leaving maximum freedom for designers; allows you to harmoniously integrate the structures with any other building material: brick, glass, wood … etc. Our company collaborates with the world’s largest companies in the production of innovative materials for the benefit of the building both from an aesthetic and energy efficiency point of view;


The hot-galvanized steel structures, according to UNI EN ISO 1461, as well as those finished with protective paints, eliminate all types of maintenance and guarantee a significantly longer life span than traditional building materials;


The incredible qualities of resistance of this material give the possibility of creating very robust structures, but at the same time characterized by very modest structural weights; this contributes to the drastic reduction of the costs linked to the realization of the foundation and earthmoving works connected to them, necessary for the construction through the traditional building materials;

Resistance to earthquakes and fires

Unlike traditional building materials, steel has excellent ductility and is able to withstand large deformations without compromising the integrity of the structure; our structures are preferred for the construction or reconstruction of new buildings in areas affected by seismological events.

All our REI certified structures are treated with intumescent products that do not require any extraordinary maintenance, unlike other construction materials, such as wood, which require periodic and repetitive maintenance in order to comply with current regulations.


The steel structures are prefabricated at our factory in dimensions that are easily transportable by normal means;

the lightness characteristics of the material allow the transport of large quantities of square meters of shed with a small number of transports;

all this translates into a drastic reduction in transport costs compared to any other building material; for this reason we build structures anywhere in the world, managing to be competitive also thanks to our modern and advanced processing technologies.

Prefabrication in the workshop halves construction costs when compared to the work carried out directly on site.

The structures, on the site, are assembled by bolting leaving the possibility to make any modification or expansion at any time without having to bear high costs and with very small structural dimensions.

Thanks to the bolted assembly, each structure can be easily dismantled and reassembled in other places at low costs.

Steel is unique, and when compared to other building materials, it is the only one that can be totally recycled several times in exchange for a substantial monetary value contributing to the protection of the environment.