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Since 1963, Società Costruzioni Capannoni has been working in the design, construction and installation of steel structures for industrial, commercial, civil, agricultural, livestock and infrastructure use. The continuous growth, thanks to the trust constantly showned and renewed by thousands of customers over the course of these long years, have allowed S.C.C. to evolve and innovate relentlessly, until it firmly confirms itself as a leading player and reference in the steel construction sector. To better respond to the ever-increasing and challenging market demands, S.C.C. since the end of the 90s of the last century, it has undertaken a process aimed at obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certifications regarding the design and construction of metal structures, and since 2014 the EN 1090-1: 2009 + A1: 2011 certification , with the aim of providing its customers with production and quality standards at the highest levels. Together with this, and to cope with the constant growth in demand, S.C.C. has equipped itself with a new, larger and more modern production site, developed on an area of ​​8,000 covered square meters equipped with modern plants and an additional 20,000 square meters uncovered, which guarantee a production capacity of over 7,000 tons / year.

The far-sighted choices chosen well over 55 years ago, are now reflected in the regulatory, engineering, protected and aesthetic needs of the market in which S.C.C. Opera. The key principles on which S.C.C. founds its values, and this is what distinguishes daily operations, they merge with the characteristics of steel: – Solidity: steel has been the main material linked to the development of industry and construction for over three centuries thanks to its characteristics of strength and great resistance to breakage, traction and yield strength; – Safety: the intrinsic characteristics of steel meet the most rigorous standards and requirements connected to the anti-seismic fire-fighting requirements; – Versatility: the uses and structural designations are innumerable, making works that cannot be carried out with traditional building materials feasible; – Durability: the steel structures do not require maintenance and the protective treatments to which they are subjected, nor the invulnerability of atmospheric or environmental agents; – Sustainability: pioneers in promoting the use of a fully recyclable material, a difference from traditional building materials;

We follow the customer step by step, from the design, through the choice of the most suitable materials for your needs, up to the complete assembly of the structures and the work of highly specialized personnel. S.C.C. The whole process of design, supply and construction directly, with its own staff. The desire for innovation, the use of latest generation and constantly updated software, systems and production machinery, together with the complete knowledge of the product, make S.C.C. the ideal partner to face the future of industrialized construction.