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Through our highly specialised, in-house engineering laboratory, our Company is able to respond to any needs customers or their professionals have, assisting them step-by-step from purchase order to the building of the structure. We supply the following services:

  • technical and structural engineering consultancy and preliminary design;
  • assistance for customers and professionals for the drafting of graphic calculations and for calculating the structural steelwork;
  • calculating the structural steelwork in accordance with regulations in force and, upon request, calculating foundation work in composite steel-concrete;
  • prefabrication of the structural steelwork inside our plant;
  • on-site assistance for the delineation and verification of the structure’s installation and set-up;
  • protective treatment of the structures (hot dip galvanisation in accordance with UNI EN ISO 1461, paint, special surface paint, intumescent coatings);
  • infill walls and external shutters using high performance materials;
  • transport and assembly;
  • management of operations;
  • after-sales support.