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S.C.C. manages its own highly specialized engineering firm, which is able to respond to all the needs of clients and their professionals, following them step by step, from the acquisition of the order to its construction on site, providing the following services:

  • Technical feasibility study and economic estimate;
  • Technical, structural and preventive planning consultancy;
  • 360 ° technical assistance for professionals both as regards the drafting of architectural and construction drawings and as regards the calculation and checks of steel structures;
  • Design of calculation with latest generation software according to current regulations with release of the seismic calculation report; on request we also carry out the design of reinforced concrete foundations, where necessary, for the structures we have built;
  • Construction design through 3D structural modeling programs capable of extracting norms, bills of materials, all workshop constructions, part marking and assembly drawings in 3D, with relative numbering of the parts in order to facilitate the assembly phases;
  • Assistance from our technicians on site with surveys, tracing and verification of the installation dimensions of the structures;
  • Prefabrication of all components of steel structures at our factories with the use of the latest generation of automated machinery;
  • Protective treatments of the structures (hot galvanizing according to UNI EN ISO 1461, painting, special painting, intumescent painting);
  • Transportation to the place of destination with the aid of suitable means;
  • Assembly of the structures owned vehicles or through special means necessary for any type of construction;
  • Supply and installation in a workmanlike manner of external curtains and windows with the relative finishes to give our customers a complete “turnkey” service, always through our specialized internal partner teams who have been working with us daily for decades;
  • Supervision of works for the construction of metal structures;
  • Constant search for new products and materials, in order to provide our customers with the choice of the most suitable materials for their needs, knowing that they have the latest innovations available on the market, in order to guarantee the best value for money achievable in our sector ;
  • After sales assistance.